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Tshokwane Safaris offers unique and specialist designed, bespoke African safaris for the discerning traveller to Southern and East Africa.


Realizing that for most people a safari to Africa is the ‘trip of a lifetime’, our aim is to provide exactly the right safari to suit your particular requirements and expectations; and to then see that your safari is experienced to perfection.

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Breaking news: Now is time to explore South Africa

The world is a different place than it was six months ago but what has not changed is the welcoming energy of South Africans. 

Now is the time to enjoy the embracing charm of the country. With most international travel halted, we now have the perfect opportunity to explore within our own country.

Now is the time to do what you have been meaning to do for so long! Explore more of South Africa. Blessed with incredible wildlife, achingly beautiful scenery, beaches, mountains and more, South Africa is open to you after months of isolation.

Tshokwane has put together some great stays and negotiated great rates for you. Please contact us for more offers of great places to visit around the country.

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