We all still want to travel to Africa but Covid 19 has changed the way safaris will operate in the near and mid-term future.
The good news is that some countries in Africa have opened to safari tourism, albeit in a controlled and safety-first way to ensure you are protected but still have the safari of a lifetime.


The Republic of Rwanda is allowing charter flights and private flights in to the country. There are a number of promotional offers (including discounted gorilla trekking permits) available to foreign visitors until 31 December 2020.

Protocols on arrival:
Visitors are expected to test negative for COVID-19 after taking a test in their country of origin at a certified laboratory, 72 hours before departure. Visitors may be tested upon arrival in Rwanda should they show any signs of potential infection. Additional testing will be required prior to visiting any tourist attraction.

Please contact us for the latest on the protocols of travelling to Rwanda at this time


  • Tanzania has opened to international tourism under controlled conditions for your protection.
  • No visitors will be required to go into isolation upon arrival if their temperatures are not found to be high.
  • Visitors will however be expected to adhere to protective measures against Covid-19.
  • Tourism facilities will be fully checked and certified under Covid-19 regulations.

Airlines flying into Tanzania:
Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and KLM are currently offering flights into Tanzania.

Please contact us for all the latest on travelling to Tanzania during this time

For now all other safari travel countries have their borders closed to international travel but we will inform you as soon as each country updates its travel advisory.
We will be updating this regularly but do not hesitate to contact us for any queries or concerns you may have about travelling to Africa at this time.