6 Day Fly in safari


Safari Includes

  • All meals, local drinks (non premium brands)
  • Small aircraft flights throughout
  • Sightseeing – unusual experiences
  • Park fees and Conservation levy

Safari Excludes

  • Gratuities, items of personal nature


Your Stay

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This is not a Luxury trip, BUT there are truly very few experiences that will come close to this.

Your pilot-guide is one of the 4 Schoeman brothers, who grew up in some of the most remote areas of Namibia, with a father that ensured Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is preserved as a National Park. Their dad was involved in amazing research, conservation and more importantly, rescuer of well-known shipwrecks in far northern Skeleton Coast.

On this journey – you will not just learn from a guide about a family that was in the forefront of Conservation, Eco-tourism, Community development in Namibia, – you are going to learn this from a member of that family.

You will be travelling by an unique small aircraft that are specially adapted with soft wheels – allowing it to land on the beach at some shipwrecks, in narrow sandy alleys between remote mountains – giving you an opportunity to visit places, no other tourists can – unless you travel with the Schoemans.

There camps are not luxurious – basic, but the locations are extremely remote The family are the only ones that have agreements with the communities in these areas. These communities were working with their father for years before any of them were even born.

About This Safari

This incredible 5 Day Fly in safari will take you on the following route :-

Depart Windhoek in the morning with a flight to Sossusvlei which is reputed to have the highest sand dunes in the world. From there following the Skeleton Coast via Conception Bay to the Huab Valley during the first day.

The second day continues up the coast as far as the Hoarusib Valley and the third day as far as the Kunene river, being the northern border of Namibia.

On the fourth day a flight to one of the lodges outside the Etosha National Park from where the park is visited on the fifth day.

The safari ends in Windhoek, arriving just before sunset on 5th day.



  • Flight into Windhoek, Namibia
  • Meet & Assist Windhoek Hosea Kutako
  • International Airport
  • Transfer to The Olive Exclusive Hotel in
  • Windhoek stay for 1 night
  • Includes: Dinner, Bed and Breakfast
  • After early breakfast, you will be transferred to Eros Airport where you will be meeting your Pilot Guide that will be your Pilot – guide – host for the balance of your journey.
  • Depart on an early morning flight to Sossusvlei in the Namib Naukluft Park.
  • Sossusvlei is reputed to have the highest dunes in the world, and the view of the shadow-lined dunes from the air is well worth seeing. We land at Sesriem from where we undertake an excursion by vehicle into the dunes. The dunes reach heights of 300m or more and for those inclined and fit enough to climb them, this might pose a challenge.
  • We return to the aircraft and fly along the coast via Conception Bay towards Swakopmund. The flight includes an aerial view of the famous Eduard Bohlen shipwreck at Conception Bay.
  • After landing and refuelling at Swakopmund, we continue with a low-level flight north along the Skeleton Coast past the seal colony at Cape Cross for a light picnic lunch near the beach.
  • Thereafter we fly east, over the desert, to the Ugab formations–a nearly lifeless ‘moon landscape’ of numerous black ridges that stand out in stark contrast to the white desert floor–before landing at Kuidas camp in the Huab River Valley, where we stay for the night.
  • Ancient rock engravings are found amongst the rocks within walking distance of the camp.
  • After breakfast we depart by Land Rover to explore the colourful red lava and yellow sandstone of the Huab River environs and to be introduced to the ecological aspects of this area with its wide diversity of flora and fauna.

  • This includes the Welwitschia Mirabilis, a tree that has been dwarfed by the rigours of the encroaching desert climate. We have lunch at Kuidas camp before flying along the coast to Terrace Bay in the Skeleton Coast Park.

  • The most prominent shipwrecks along this part of the coast are the Montrose and Henrietta.

  • At the coast we access the roaring dunes by Land Rover, which always proves to be a stimulating experience. We also visit the beach with its profusion of multi-coloured pebbles consisting of agate, lava, granite and quartz.

  • Interesting to see are old bleached whale bones scattered along the beach above the high tide mark. We return to the aircraft and continue north to our Purros camp in the Hoarusib Valley in the Kunene Region, where we stay for the night.

  • After breakfast we embark on a scenic drive along the Hoarusib Valley to visit a settlement of the nomadic Himba people.
  • We might be lucky enough to come across the desert-dwelling elephant who frequent this valley. From here we continue north along the Skeleton Coast by aircraft to the Kunene River acting as a border to Angola.
  • The Kaiu Maru shipwreck and pieces from old sailing vessels lie scattered along this part of the coast.
  • From the airfield we take a scenic drive by Land Rover to our favourite lunch site.
  • After lunch we continue through the mountains and dunes of the Hartmann Valley – which extends to the Kunene River – reaching our Kunene River camp in the late afternoon.
  • An early morning boat trip on the Kunene River as it flows through scenic desert landscape, observing bird life and possibly some crocodiles. 
  • Birds vary from aquatic species on the perennial waters, to endemic desert varieties and those which inhabit dense riverine vegetation. 
  • After lunch at the camp, we fly directly from the Kunene River to the eastern side of the Etosha National Park, where we spend the night at a lodge outside the park.
  • After breakfast we drive/fly into the park for a game drive by vehicle. Springs provide numerous drinking places for the animals, which congregate in spectacular numbers especially during the dry season (June to December).
  • Animals such as lion and steenbok may be found in specific home ranges, while others such as springbok, eland, zebra, wildebeest and elephant wander all over browsing or in search of better grazing.
  • Our flight back to Windhoek commences in the afternoon to ensure that we land before dark. You will be met on arrival at Eros airport and transferred to The Olive Exclusive Hotel
  • Includes: Dinner, Bed and Breakfast
  • Departure from Windhoek to onward destination today

Your Stay

Olive Exclusive Boutique Hotel

This intimate boutique hotel in a tranquil corner of Windhoek embodies the very essence of chic comfort.

The Olive Exclusive – the first ultra-luxurious sanctuary of its kind in the Namibian capital – is cool, contemporary and stylish but with a warm heart and authentic African soul. Its sleek, modern lines are complemented by organic textures, natural furnishings, an eco-friendly approach and dedicated personal service. Simple elegance is key, from the organic rough-hewn wooden benches and side tables, through the sculpted chunk of granite that serves as a coffee table in the guest lounge, to walls clad in abstract Namibian landscapes by well-known South African designer and photographer Micky Hoyle.

The seven suites are individually decorated so each reflects a different region in Namibia, and each has its own lounge area with fireplace and dining room, for private dining. Wide glass doors open onto spacious decks where you can relax on a shady daybed, enjoy al fresco lunches or, if yours is a premium suite, take a dip in your own private plunge pool

The Olive Exclusive boasts a quality restaurant featuring a seasonal menu, with inventive signature dishes. The fully stocked bar also features a classic selection of fine whisky.

It’s the perfect luxury base from which to explore Windhoek and its surrounds before heading off on a Namibian safari.