Ancient civilizations, vibrant living cultures, achingly dramatic landscapes and legendary wilderness – Africa is the most enigmatic travel destination on earth. Africa is also the most misunderstood place on earth.

Seek the heart of Africa and not the glossy brochure Africa. Experience the soul of Africa and not the commercial force-fed image of the continent. We have lived the continent and we will show you the heart and soul

Here in the birthplace of mankind is where you will discover your own experience of Africa and it will change you forever


There is a place in Africa where a river flows into a desert, forming an oasis of waterways, islands and countless wildlife. It is a place of aching beauty, a place that is said to be the blueprint of creation. The Okavango Delta is truly one of the wonders of nature and the prize in Botswana’s wilderness treasures.

Botswana is a land blessed with contrasts. It is a land where unreliable rivers, pristine deltas and a living desert provide a haven for a variety of creatures, ensuring behavior not seen in other wilderness areas in Africa.

We will advise you on the best places to experience these exceptional wilderness areas


Kenya is considered the home of the African safari, the place of Hollywood legends, adventurers and a place where hundreds of thousands of wildebeest gather when the Great Migration passes through, but a place where the wildlife is prolific even when the migration has passed.

However, Kenya offers so much more than the traditional safari and the mass tourism of the past has been taken over by a more intimate safari experience: hidden wonders, iconic cultural interactions and the opportunity to see wildlife that may not be commonly seen in other game parks in Africa such as the reticulated giraffe and gerenuk.

We will take you into the unique and intimate side of the Kenya wilderness


Mozambique is best known for its islands and incredible beaches, and until fairly recently the islands were the only destinations deemed safe for visitors due to the decades-long civil war in the country. With peace came a new vigour to redevelop the game parks and incredible wilderness areas like Gorongosa and Niassa.

All along the 2 500 km coastline white sands are lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean providing postcard-like beaches and together with the beautiful Lake Malawi and you have it all.

With some of the best beaches on the continent, remote islands, a colourful history and pristine game parks Mozambique is fast becoming a must-do destination


Namibia is a place where the horizon and sky melt into an entity, where the dust of hoof-beats evaporates into the haze of the season. The blue is tinged with grey and the distance is a stained white.

Sound is lost in the vast space and in the silence you begin to hear a sound. It is the sound of yourself, naked and opening to your senses. In your insecurities you may close yourself from the sound but in so doing you will be pulling away from an understanding.

Namibia is a feeling in the soul – a feeling we want to share this with you


Known as the land of a thousand hills, and only slightly bigger than the Kruger National Park in South Africa, Rwanda nonetheless offers achingly beautiful scenery and unique experiences such as Mountain gorilla trekking, vibrant cultural experiences, hiking, and lakeside relaxation together with birdwatching, classic game drives in national parks and nature walks.

Rwanda is still known for the genocide of 1994 where the people of the country turned on each other while the world stood by. This tragedy has inspired in Rwandans a spirit of reconciliation seen nowhere else on earth today, a spirit that is obvious in the people all over the country.

‘Rwanda is special, different to all other African countries I have visited. Before visiting the country I thought I knew what to expect – but it was nothing like I imagined. Presumptions I had were tossed aside soon after arriving. I was humbled by the people, their demeanour and friendliness, especially after the horrors of the genocide became clearer after a visit to the memorial in the capital Kigali’.

‘Rwanda is inspiring and for me it was truly a life-altering experience’

South Africa

There is a place in Africa where all pieces of the continent are found – it is a place of fascinating cultures, ancient mountains and the birthplace of mankind. It is a place where the roar of a lion can still be heard from across a distant plain, a place where the wildlife still moves to the cycles of the seasons

It is a place called Mzantsi – some call it the Rainbow Nation and others know it as South Africa – and it is a showcase of Africa.

South Africa is first world and third world in one, busy tourism and intimate getaways, bustling cities and remote reserves – and we will show you whatever you are looking for in Mzantsi


The Great Plains of East Africa echo a time when we were still finding our way, a time when we were part of the natural cycle of the seasons – and Tanzania is the at the heart of this iconic region.

Legendary places, Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro, echo the ancestral voices clearer than anywhere else on earth, but the echoes are silenced in the new ideal of commercialization. At Tshokwane we offer the hidden corners where you can experience the Africa we all so yearn for.

A walking safari in Tanzania allows you to hear the spirit of Ancient Africa in the soft pad of your feet on the sand or the crackling of grass with each step. Away from the crowds, tuning in to the wilderness, and listening to the echoes of an ancient rhythm is what we offer in Tanzania.


It has been said that Zambia was an unknown and under-developed tourism country, but in reality the great rivers and the remote and vast wilderness areas were only waiting their time. Zambia offers the Africa of legends – a place of immense beauty and pristine wilderness

This is not a place that has succumbed to the calling of mass tourism, rather it is a place that is preserving the African wilderness through closer to nature experiences.

Walking safaris in Zambia bring you closer to the true rhythm of Africa, the oneness with the earth, than most other safari travel experiences.


There is land in Africa where the sounds of great waterfalls and thundering hooves of buffalo and the trumpeting of elephants echo the drums of the great kingdoms of the past. Zimbabwe, the house of stone, is an ancient place where you can still feel the presence of the Africa of old

Experience this ancient land on walking safaris, canoeing expeditions on the mighty Zambezi and visiting the stone cities of the old kingdoms

Zimbabwe is so much more than the legendary Victoria Falls and we can show you the wonder of it all